Types of Working Drawings
We create a set of detailed working drawings for each project to enable builders, craftsmen and other specialists to implement our designs. The following list describes the kinds of drawings usually included in a set for a master plan.

Staking Plan
Contains staking information that relates new and existing structures, driveway location, planting bed configuration and many other critical dimensions.

Grading Plan
Information that describes wall and curbing heights, drainage considerations and the general modeling for the site.

Show elevations and finishes of new structures such as arbors, wall, fences, brick walkways, stone terraces and retaining wall. Since building practices vary from region to region, we recommend that the craftsmen implementing construction offer samples of brick, stone and wood to be used.

Planting Plan
Shows the location of recommended trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and vines. It includes a list of these plant materials with sizes and genetic names.

Irrigation Plans
These are drawn by independent consultants and are included in the package of working drawings. They relate directly to the planting and layout plans.

Lighting Plan
Shows the location of each lighting fixture utilized for aesthetic purposes and includes a list of fixture types and ordering information.

Tree-Staking Plan
A number of other plans may be included in a set of working drawings and may include a tree-staking plan.

Fixtures Plan
A plan for benches, statuary and pots.

Hardscape Plan and Schedule
Shows specific stone, brick, gravel, and asphalt areas for ease in calculating quantities.

Site Demolition Plan
Includes cut and fill calculations for permitting

Tree-Replacement Plan and Survey
This is often required for city building permits.

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